Work groups are designed to be short-term multi-stakeholder initiatives of 10-12 experts charged with identifying and assessing the primary barriers to adoption that are feasible to address, outlining a limited number of key steps that accelerate achievement of end goals, and driving action.  It is expected that groups will focus on alignment of key payment model technical components, such as quality measures, risk adjustment, attribution, and data sharing. Work groups will identify and collaborate with key stakeholders and implementation partners who are willing to commit to work groups’ recommendations in order to achieve practical, measurable results. Work groups will incorporate the perspectives of patients and consumers as recommendations are developed. LAN participants with special interest in work group topics can subscribe to relevant listservs. These affiliated communities of experts will be able to provide input and feedback to particular work groups as the work evolves.


Alternative Payment Model Framework and Progress Tracking Work Group Clinical Episode Payment Work Group
Alternative Payment Models Framework & Progress Tracking
 Clinical Episode Payments
Population Based Payment Work Group PCPM-TILE
Population-Based Payments
Primary Care Payment Model


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