Commitment Statement:

Our goals cover educating our clients; informing new clients; announcing news to all healthcare organizations we come across; signing up clients to APMs or advising how; working with our State Agencies in Florida; working with medical societies; working with vendor associations; and informing consumers.
Suncoast RHIO commits to:
1. Educate providers – In 2016, we will deliver 5 presentations via multiple channels with feedback loop. These will be conducted at least quarterly.
2. Educate consumers – Distribution of printed and electronic materials (presentations, meetings, flyers, website content) to 2 designated zip codes per month.
3. Increase provider client base related to APM – A 20% minimum increase in a related revenue-generating activity of APM business booked to Suncoast RHIO in 2016, to be measured on a quarterly basis.


Suncoast RHIO



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