Commitment Statement:

Saturn Care is committed to providing technology and services that enable primary care teams to extend their capacity and capability for comprehensive management of some of their most challenging populations – those with diabetes and other chronic disease.  Our CDMP product is specifically designed to help primary care practices succeed in managing their diabetes population under Category 2, 3 and 4 contracts, first by meeting the needs of the  doctor, care team and patient and second by setting per-patient per-month pricing as a share of revenues received by the practice under different APMs  CDMP has been shown in clinical studies to improve both clinical and behavioral patient outcomes, which is essential to provider success under alternative payment models.


  1. Product/service designed and priced to support value-based care
  2. Align pricing with providers’ APM payments

Key Activities:

  • Encourage business associates to operate under value-based payment arrangements/APMs


Saturn Care


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