Commitment Statement:

Oregon is in support of and intends to shift more payments into Category 3 and 4 over time. Currently, approximately 32% of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) payments to providers fall into Category 2, 3 and 4. Oregon’s SIM grant focuses on innovation in three areas:

Payment Models, tested at two levels:
• Global budget for CCOs
• A “starter set” of promising alternative models for provider payment and models that focus on the value, rather than the volume, of services provided.

Innovation and Rapid Learning, which provides:
• Resources and technical assistance to CCOs
• Facilitated learning collaboratives and rapid improvement cycles
• Promotion of health equity across sectors and payers including private payers, long-term care, community health, and education systems

Delivery Models
• Evaluation of methods for integrating and coordinating between primary, specialty, behavioral and oral health
• Improvement of community health through promotion and prevention activities
• Support CCOs’ collaboration with long-term care, community health and social services


Oregon Health Authority


Oregon selected to participate in Comprehensive Primary Care Plus initiative 


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