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The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) is a nonprofit multi-stakeholder leadership group that promotes healthcare quality improvement, accountability and affordability for the benefit of all Californians. Beginning in 2012, the program began a strategic transition toward value, incorporating resource use and cost into the public reporting and recommended health plan incentive design. The VBP4P incentive design, developed through a multi-stakeholder collaborative process, reflects an upside gainsharing methodology based on resource use that incorporates quality performance. The design also includes a standard value-based incentive, which combines quality and cost performance, for organizations that receive comprehensive population-based payments.

IHA’s goal is to have 100% of participating physician organizations receive value-based incentives through either of these Category 3A or Category 4B APM designs—consistent with the VBP4P recommendations and common measure set—from all contracted, participating health plans by 2018.


Integrated Healthcare Association


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