Commitment Statement:

HRHCare is committed to engaging in alternative payment models that improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance patient experience of care. Specifically, we are seeking to reduce total cost of care for the patients we serve by 10% over the next five years and to have 75% of our payer relationships at an APM Category 2 by 2020 and to have 25% of our book of business moved to APM Category 3/4 by 2020. In addition to this general goal, through participation as a Committed Partner, HRHCare seeks to ensure that new models of care and supportive APMs are considerate of alternative healthcare providers, such as FQHCs. We believe that in order to achieve the goals set forth by the LAN, it will be critical to ensure that providers like FQHCs and rural health clinics that serve especially vulnerable and medically underserved communities benefit from the most innovative clinical models and accountability frameworks.




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