Commitment Statement:

HealthInsight is developing a set of “True North” measures this summer for each of the communities that we serve.  These measures represent our ongoing assessment of overall health and health care system performance.  We intend to include the HHS metric of Medicare providers using alternative payment systems as a measure of the level of provider engagement in our communities on this dashboard.

We will also set goals for our region that parallel the HHS commitment and will work together with other community partners in each state to build infrastructure, programs, and technical assistance support to help providers achieve these same goals.

We will leverage our significant presence and interaction with providers in our region to directly link the 11th SOW goals with the HCPLAN objectives.  Relevant areas for linkage will be turning data into actionable information, culture change aligned with alternative payment models, improved coordination of care across settings, and optimized patient engagement.  In addition, as a trusted, neutral community convener, HealthInsight will bring together stakeholders in each state in our region periodically to discuss progress and barriers impacting the realization of HCPLAN goals.




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