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Elevation Health Partners is a team of quality improvement, public health, and technical health care consultants. We collaborate with state and federal agencies and commercial health care organizations to develop and implement strategies to advance meaningful, measurable improvements in all areas of the health care delivery system. We specialize in Medi-Cal and Medicare, evidence-based chronic disease management, primary care and specialty care integration, and work to drive sustainable large-scale transformation to advance new payment models and build provider capacity for quality.

As part of CMS’s Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI), Elevation Health Partners works with 22 Federally Qualified Health Centers across Los Angeles County. The overarching goal of TCPI is to achieve large-scale health transformation by developing quality improvement strategies that readies practices to participate in an alternative payment model. The TCPI, one part of a strategy to strengthen the quality of patient care and spend health care dollars more wisely. supports innovation by promoting broad payment and practice reform in primary care and specialty care.

Using data to drive care, Elevation Health Partners has some notable achievements with our 22 assigned FQHCs:

  • Evaluate and select an organization-wide risk stratification methodology. None of the health centers were stratifying risk for the clinic population. Now, all 22 health centers stratify risk for the diabetic population and those needing mental health services to ensure case management aimed to prevent hospital admissions and readmissions.
  • Empanel Providers. Empanelment is demonstrated to reduce overall system costs, through healthier patients, fewer emergency room visits and hospital readmissions. Recognizing lack of technical tools for empanelment, Elevation Health Partners developed an Access Database tool. Only 5 of 22 health centers were empaneling providers prior to Elevation Health Partners assistance. Now all 22 health centers are actively running empanelment calculations, adopting best practice policies and procedures for empanelment, obtaining board approval, and are expected to upload empanelment assignments in the EHR by June 2018. The next phase of this effort includes implementation support, quality control, and data monitoring.
  • Improve data validation and reduce data leakage. Throughout 2017, Elevation Health coaches provided in-depth education and hands on support on proper EHR documentation, encounter, coding and claims submissions. This resulted in a 25% improvement for HbA1c poor control levels and 28% improvement in depression screening and follow-up across all practices year-to-date. This not only provides a greater amount of incentive dollars to our practices, but additionally resulted in a reduction in health care dollar expenditures.


The following are ways in which we prepare clinicians to take on risk in alternative payment models:

  1. Develop and provide strategic guidance to county government, health plans, IPAs, associations, advocacy groups, and clinic leaders in the LAPTN Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI)
  2. Provide hands on and technical support in practice assessment, quality improvement, and evidence-based care guidelines to drive and accelerate health care delivery system transformation
  3. Offer PCMH content support and technical assistance to achieve and advance NCQA PCMH recognition


Elevation Health Partners


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