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The Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy draws on expertise from across Duke University to create the research and data infrastructure necessary for empirical analysis of challenging healthcare delivery and payment reform questions. Working with the Duke Clinical Research Institute and other collaborators, Duke-Margolis is creating an Evidence Hub that will bring together expertise, best practices, and multiple data sources under shared governance structures for data curation and use. With input from the LAN Guiding Committee, this resource will empower faculty and research teams to address key policy questions related to health care delivery, with particular attention to payment reform in support of Category 3 and 4 payment models. The Evidence Hub and the LAN are partners in this work.
The Center will also collaborate with multiple entities within Duke Health to create structures necessary for piloting new ideas to deliver, finance, and regulate health care. The work will be at multiple levels, from supporting Duke Health’s strategic direction and leadership in care delivery, to state and regional improvements, to national policies, to international collaborations.
The Center will measure progress based on the level of evidence it has helped to generate, as well as the number of partnerships it has developed around payment reform implementation.


Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy

Payment Reform Evidence Hub


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