Commitment Statement:

A Pathways HUB Connect is an efficient regional infrastructure that improves health outcomes and reduces costs by connecting those at risk to quality community care coordination services. The HUB’s care coordination enables providers who might not otherwise enter a Category 3 or 4 APM to do so, and helps them thrive within that environment by effectively and collaboratively managing the care coordination services that determine their quality payment.

Care Coordination Systems commits to supporting the LAN’s goals by enabling providers to enter into and thrive in alternative payment model arrangements. Wherever our Pathways HUB Connects are currently located, Care Coordination Systems will actively seek out and engage providers to progress further along the APM Framework continuum. For communities without a Pathways HUB Connect, we will work with committed core groups of at least twenty (20) providers and willing payers to initiate a Pathways HUB Connect.  Our specific goal is to engage with a minimum of five (5) providers dedicated to success in a Category 3 or 4 APM at each current Pathways HUB Connect by December 31, 2017.  We intend to add ten (10) new Pathways HUB Connects (or start-ups) in the United States by December 31, 2017.


Care Coordination Systems


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