Commitment Statement:

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) supports the LAN goal to accelerate the health care system’s adoption of effective alternative payment models (APMs) to reach 30 percent of all payments by 2016 and 50 percent by 2018.

The following is AAFP’s 2016-2017 goal related to payment reform:
Position family medicine practices to be successful in a value-based payment environment with an emphasis on MACRA by:
• Leveraging the FPM journal as a consistent communication tool to raise awareness and educate members about advanced APMs;
• Developing a portfolio of products and services to facilitate adoption of Category 3 and 4 models;
• Connecting members with available technical assistance programs (MACRA TA, TCPI, CPC+, QIN-QIOs, RECs, etc


American Academy of Family Physicians


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