Commitment Statement:

The mission of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative is to support providers in successfully transitioning to value-based payments as described in Categories 2-4 of the APM Framework. Through collaborative workgroups, more than seventy member organizations including providers, payers, associations, manufacturers and others are identifying the necessary care delivery competencies that risk-bearing provider entities need to succeed. Additionally, the ACLC will serve as a center for providers to find support resources that will enable them to develop these competencies. All of the ACLC products will be publicly released to support the industry in transitioning to value-based care.

In 2016, the ACLC will release its first publication of essential competencies, followed by subsequent publications as the industry continually learns.

In 2017, the ACLC will create a resource center for providers seeking to improve in care delivery.


Accountable Care Learning Collaborative


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