What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a live Twitter event and is usually focused around a specific topic. Typically, a hashtag (#) is generated to filter the conversation. A specific date and time is also established and marketed so that hosts and participants are aware of when to engage in conversation.

How to join Twitter?

You must have a Twitter account to participate in our Twitter chat. Joining Twitter is a simple process. Visit https://twitter.com and sign-up for a free Twitter account. Fill out your profile, add a picture, and start following the leader of the chat which is HCPLAN’s @payment_network. Follow us to stay up-to-date on the latest #HCPLAN news.

Twitter Basics

  • What is Twitter: Twitter is a social media platform where users can share their thoughts, news, and other information on the world-wide web.
  • Character Count: There is a character count when using Twitter. Be sure all tweets are under 140 characters long. If you need to shorten your hyperlinks, check out the bitly tool.
  • Hashtags: Key words that start with a pound (#) sign are called a hashtag. Hashtags are used to generate lists and to categorize tweets together. To get the most out of your hashtags make sure to follow these rules.
  • Reply’s vs. Mentions: If a message begins with @username and then followed by the post itself, it’s a @reply. A @reply is in direct reply to another user and it appears on your and the other person’s public timeline. It will only be seen by the person you replied to and the people following both of you. If the @username appears at any other part of the post, usually at the end, it’s a mention.

For more questions about Twitter, visit their support center.

How to participate in a Twitter Chat?

To participate, all you need to do is tweet during the designated date and time using the conversational hashtag.

Our next Twitter chat is on August 24 at 2pm ET, be sure to include #PCPMChat in all tweets.

  • Our hosts will be posting a series of questions for the chat participants using Q1 designation. For example:
    • Q1: What color is the sky? #PCPMChat
  • Tweet all answers and questions using the same hashtag and link your answer using “A1” and #PCPMChat. For example:
    • A1: The sky is blue #PCPMChat
  • Feel free to share tweets and response, by re-tweeting, with your networks to ensure the conversation continues.
  • You can watch the Twitter Chat live on our Tweet wall. When you join the chat, spend a moment to scan the tweets around the tag. Who is talking? If there is a host or a featured guest what questions have been posted? What is the theme of the chat?
  • It’s OK to greet your friends who are participating in the chat with a quick mention, but don’t use the hashtag unless it’s on-topic.


Please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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