Full Name

Jim Guest

Professional Title

Former President and CEO of Consumers Reports


Jim Guest, JD, is a member of the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network’s Alternative Payment Models Framework and Progress Tracking Work Group. He retired after 13 years as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Consumer Reports but continues to advocate on Capitol Hill and in the media for the consumer’s right-to-know about, and be protected from, unsafe and misleading products and services. Currently, Mr. Guest serves as volunteer President of Consumers International, a federation of more than 250 consumer organizations from over 115 countries that is the global voice and advocate for the world’s consumers. He’s on the Advisory Board of the Peterson Center on Healthcare and has served on other advisory panels as spokesperson for the consumer perspective. Mr. Guest became President and CEO of Consumers Union (CU) in February 2001 after a long career in public service and the consumer interest, including 21 years as Chair of CU’s Board of Directors. Consumers Union is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization, whose mission is to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers. CU publishes Consumer Reports,, and other publications and websites for the benefit of consumers. Previously, Mr. Guest served as Executive Director of the American Pain Foundation, President of Handgun Control, Inc. and Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, President of Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc., Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Development and Community Affairs, Secretary of State for Vermont, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Banking and Insurance, and as a legislative assistant to Senator Edward Kennedy. Mr. Guest graduated with a JD from Harvard Law School, completed a Woodrow Wilson fellowship in economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and received his BA in economics from Amherst College.