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The Consumer and Patient Affinity Group (CPAG) is a channel for consumer and patient advocacy groups to provide important insights into the impact of APMs on patients and consumers, describe better health outcomes from the perspective of consumers and patients and define the care experience that APMs should deliver. CPAG members help identify consumer priorities and principles for APMs and inform the work of the Guiding Committee and Work Groups. Download our brochure

Purpose Statement


In Development

Principles for Patient and Family-Centered Payment

LAN participants are encouraged to use and disseminate this document and promote the application of these principles into their work of designing and implementing payment models.

Additional Information

Addressing Consumer Priorities in Value-Based Care: Guiding Principles and Key Questions The CPAG has endorsed this White Paper, developed by the Health Care Transformation Task Force, as a companion to the CPAG Principles document. The questions in the Task Force paper provide a helpful checklist for those designing or implementing APMS to use in confirming that they have effectively integrated consumer and patient priorities into their work.


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