Handshake is a business networking system run by the MITRE Corporation, created to support valuable relationships among members of the LAN. Handshake is a tool to facilitate discussions among our affiliated communities, affinity groups and the LAN as a whole.

Your Handshake account enables you to:

  • Establish connections with other Handshake members, including participating MITRE staff
  • Participate in Handshake groups
  • Share information about yourself and your technical interests via your profile page

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure if I have a Handshake account already, how do I find out?

You can enter your email address into the “I Need to Reset my Password” page.

  • If you DO NOT have an account you will receive an error that says “The system was unable to match the entered email address with an existing active account. Please make sure you entered the correct email address.
  • If you DO have an account you will be sent an email with instructions to reset your password so you can successfully login.

How do I login to Handshake?

Access the MITRE Handshake site at https://handshake.mitre.org/. Non-MITRE employees should enter the system by pressing the “Login with MPA (MITRE Partnership Account)” button on the left hand side. On the next screen you will be prompted for your username (email address) and password.

What is an affiliated community?

We have established affiliated communities for each of our work groups such as the population-based payment work group or the clinical episodes payment work groups. The work groups will be releasing early drafts and requesting input from the affiliated communities as they draft work products and white papers.

What is an affinity group?

Affinity groups are collaborative groups of stakeholder groups such as providers, payers and consumers & patients. These stakeholder groups are engaged to provide specific input to the activities and products of the LAN.


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