To be listed as a Committed Partner on the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network  website, organizations are asked to:

Submit a letter on your organization’s letterhead to including the following:

  1. Your organization name, main address, phone number and website;
  2. The name, title, phone number, email and signature of an individual with the authority to make a commitment on behalf of the organization;
  3. The name, title, phone number, and email of an individual who will serve as the point of contact and can address additional questions;
  4. Statement of support for the alternative payment model Medicare goals announced by Secretary Burwell  for the U.S. health system;
  5. Outline the specific goals that the organization has set in an effort to match or exceed the Medicare goals for alternative payment models;
    1. Payers/Providers – For payers and providers, commitment could look like setting a percent of business in alternative payment models by a certain date.
    2. Associations/Professional Societies – For professional societies, commitment could look like setting a percent of members that will be in alternative payment models or setting a percent of services that will be covered in alternative payment models by a certain date. Commitment may also include setting goals for how the society or association will educate and support its members in the transition to new payment models.
    3. Consumer Groups – For consumer groups, commitment could look like soliciting input from the populations that organization serves to share with the HCPLAN and its working group or raising awareness about the positive impact of alternative payment models.
    4. States – For states, commitment could look like setting a goal that by a certain date a given percent of the health care purchased by the state will be tied to an alternative payment model; utilizing Medicaid managed care contracts to require MCOs to conduct pilot new payment models; enacting legislation in support of alternative payment models; or establishing a given percent of the state’s population that will be covered under an alternative payment model.
    5. Employers/Purchasers – For employers and purchasers, commitment could look like educating employees on the benefits of alternative payments models or setting a percent of the company’s medical spend that will be provided through alternative payment models.
  6. Agreement to work with Network participants to establish standard definitions for alternative payment models;
  7. Agreement that progress towards the goals set by the United State health system and  HCPLAN members should be measured;
  8. The organization’s commitment to reporting progress towards the goals it has set for alternative payment models;
  9. Whether your organization already has established goals related to alternative payment models (Optional); and
  10. How alternative payment models have positively impacted your organization, your members, your workforce, or your patients.  (Optional)


Please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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