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Date(s) - Wednesday, March 09, 2016, 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

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  • Seek feedback on PBP work, focusing on Data Sharing sprint framing and preliminary recommendations
  • Elicit reactions and input to team thinking to date on new work on implementing recommendations, primary care, and payment reform evaluations
  • Invite reactions to, and suggestions for, evolving Summit agenda
  • Share Committed Partner campaign and recruit volunteers to help


  • Welcome, Roll Call, and Welcoming Comments – Mark McClellan, Mark Smith, and Anne Gauthier
  • Population-Based Payment Work Group- Glenn Steele, Dana Safran
    • LAN feedback on patient attribution and financial benchmarking
    • Data sharing sprint
    • Performance measurement sprint
  • Next Phase of LAN’s Work- Mark McClellan
    • Pilot/Implementation work
    • Primary care
    • Payment reform evaluations
  • Engagement- Mark Smith, Alison Shippy, Kris Prendergast
    • LAN Summit on April 25-26
    • Committed Partner Campaign
  • Looking Ahead- Mark McClellan, Mark Smith, and Anne Gauthier


The LAN Guiding Committee (GC) held its monthly teleconference on March 9 to discuss the status of the Population-Based Payment (PBP) Work Group’s performance measurement and data sharing sprints, upcoming tasks as the LAN embarks on its second year, and to solicit ideas for engaging committed partners. The GC also shared that the LAN Payer Collaborative recently launched a five-week pilot to determine the feasibility of obtaining data from insurers to track their progress on APM adoption. The results of the pilot will help the LAN develop a nationwide APM progress tracking survey that is scheduled to begin in mid-May.

PBP Work Group Co-Chairs Glenn D. Steele Jr., MD, PhD and Dana Gelb Safran, ScD updated the GC members on their Work Group’s progress on the Patient Attribution and Financial Benchmarking White Papers, and shared that Work Group has received around 50 feedback comments from stakeholders to date. These comments will help the Work Group understand how to better address various ideas and challenges, such as data sharing and performance measurement, and incorporate the Work Group’s ideas, presented during this GC meeting, into the final drafts of the White Papers.

The GC shared the next and upcoming phase of the LAN’s work. The LAN will begin focusing its efforts on achieving a number of initiatives that include collecting and analyzing the results of a nationwide effort to measure APM adoption, mobilizing a new work group on primary care, and improving how payment reform evaluations are conducted. This initiatives will be conducted in partnership with the Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University.

The GC also reviewed and proposed session topics, speakers, and themes for the upcoming Spring 2016 LAN Summit, which will be held April 25-26 in Tysons, Virginia, and discussed its efforts to expand LAN engagement through its Committed Partner Campaign.


To achieve the goal of better care, smarter spending, and healthier people, the U.S. health care system must substantially reform its payment structure to incentivize quality, health outcomes, and value over volume. The Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) was established as a collaborative network of public and private stakeholders, including health plans, providers, patients, employers, consumers, states, federal agencies, and other partners within the health care community.


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