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Date(s) - Monday, December 07, 2015, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Objectives for the Meeting

  • Gain Guiding Committee input on key issues related to each of the three LAN Work Groups (WGs)
  • Begin to discuss cross-cutting issues that impact the work of multiple LAN WGs
  • Introduce discussion of LAN contribution to advancing performance/quality measurement for Alternative Payment Models (APMs)
  • Plan for how/when the Guiding Committee will provide input as products are drafted, finalized, and prepared for release over the next 2-3 months, and decide if an additional meeting in early January is needed


  • Welcome and Opening Remarks – Anne Gauthier, Mark McClellan, Mark Smith
  • APM Framework and Progress Tracking WG – Sam Nussbaum
    • LAN Feedback on APM Framework White Paper
    • Progress measurement effort scope and planned activities
  • Clinical Episode Payment (CEP) WG – Lew Sandy
    • Joint replacement work product outline discussion
    • Categorizing CEP within the APM Framework categories
  • Population-Based Payment (PBP) WG – Glenn Steele, Dana Safran
    • Patient attribution sprint discussion
    • Financial benchmarking sprint discussion
    • Launching the data sharing and performance measurement sprints
  • Performance Measurement Discussion – Mark McClellan
    • Planning for additional LAN work on performance measurement (beyond the PBP and CEP WG efforts)
    • Next steps
  • Looking Ahead and Plans for Next In-Person Meeting – Anne Gauthier, Mark Smith
    • Review schedule of upcoming Work Group products
    • Confirm process for gaining GC member input
    • Review plan for January meetings


On Monday, December 7, the Guiding Committee (GC) of the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) heard updates from the Chairs of the Work Groups. The Alternative Payment Model Framework and Progress Tracking (APM FPT) Work Group reported progress towards the final APM Framework White Paper, which will be released on January 12. The Clinical Episode Payment (CEP) Work Group shared its efforts to draft an outline on joint replacements, and the Population-Based Payment (PBP) Work Group offered updates on its existing sprints. GC members stressed the importance of transparency with regard to the use of data by patients for decision-making purposes, and discussed the potential need to create a new work group that could focus specifically on these issues. GC members also briefly discussed how the LAN can build on the many existing quality measure initiatives, and the importance of linking quality performance and total cost of care for APMs in categories 3 and 4. GC members agreed to participate in a special meeting in early January to discuss these issues.

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To achieve the goal of better care, smarter spending, and healthier people, the U.S. health care system must substantially reform its payment structure to incentivize quality, health outcomes, and value over volume. The Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) was established as a collaborative network of public and private stakeholders, including health plans, providers, patients, employers, consumers, states, federal agencies, and other partners within the health care community.


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