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Date(s) - Thursday, November 12, 2015, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Objectives for the Meeting

  • Share feedback on the White Paper and draw preliminary conclusions about changes required
  • Discuss whether further refinements of the APM Framework are necessary
  • Discuss whether to establish goals for implementing the APM Framework, and if so, how those goals should be constructed
  • Gain common understanding of measurement effort scope
  • Review and obtain feedback on draft metrics and a draft methodology framework
  • Agree on schedule for completion of work group activities


  • Welcome and Meeting Overview – Sam Nussbaum, Anne Gauthier
    • Population-based Payment and Clinical Episode Payment Work Groups updates
    • APM Work Group charter and disclosure forms
  • APM Framework White Paper – Sam Nussbaum
    • Sharing of LAN and APM Work Group feedback
    • Questions for work group consideration
  • Measurement Charge: Metrics – Andréa Caballero
    • Measurement effort scope review
    • Detailed review of draft metrics
  • Measurement Charge: Method Options – Andréa Caballero
    • Discuss method components
    • Courses of action for work group consideration
  • Wrap-Up – Sam Nussbaum, Anne Gauthier, Lauren Icard
    • Summarize meeting accomplishments
    • Review APM Work Group schedule
    • Closing remarks


On Thursday, November 12, members of the APM FPT Work Group met to discuss comments received on the APM Framework Draft White Paper. Comments have been collected from the LAN Summit and recent listening sessions conducted via webinar – on November 9 one for states and on November 13 one for consumer and patient advocates and also one for purchasers – as well as many other comments provided by LAN participants. In addition, two representatives of the Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) led the group in discussing APM measurements. The first of LAN’s three work groups launched, the APM FPT Work Group is charged with recommending a set of specific, easy-to-understand terms and definitions to serve as a foundation for the LAN’s work. The group is also proposing an approach for measuring APM adoption across the U.S. health care system that includes clarity on what should be measured, along with a set of categories that enable meaningful reporting. The LAN will measure progress toward APM adoption following the work group’s recommendations.

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To achieve the goal of better care, smarter spending, and healthier people, the U.S. health care system must substantially reform its payment structure to incentivize quality, health outcomes, and value over volume. The Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) was established as a collaborative network of public and private stakeholders, including health plans, providers, patients, employers, consumers, states, federal agencies, and other partners within the health care community.


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