Data Sharing Requirements Initiative: Collaborative Approaches to Advance Data Sharing

Released May 23, 2017


The goal of this report is to assist individual organizations in making strategic decisions about data sharing. However, doing so requires going beyond their own walls and assessing community and regional assets and potentially national vendor options. Local efforts will be greatly enhanced by alignment across the nation on some foundational aspects of data sharing. These three levels—the individual organization, key community and regional partnerships, and system-wide infrastructure support are all necessary. Moreover, some of the needed functionality could be acquired commercially rather than built, by either those implementing value-based payment or third party entities supporting them.


Data Sharing Requirements Initiative (DSRI) Leadership Team, Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network

Publication Info

Publication date: May 23, 2017
58 pages

Suggested Citation: Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network.  Data Sharing Requirements Initiative: Collaborative Approaches to Advance Data Sharing. May 23, 2017.


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